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3 Ways To Make Your Dream Entrepreneur Your Mentor

Getting up on Monday morning for your job can be a little annoying. Getting up at any hour to work with your dream entrepreneur can be, well…a dream come true! Imagine getting someone like Elon Musk, Yanik Silver, or even Jared Yellin to mentor you with your work and shape your worldview! Getting first-hand knowledge from well-seasoned entrepreneurs who are the top disruptors and innovators in their respective fields can be exciting! The question is, how can a busy person who has a lot on their plate notice someone like you in the first place? Here’s to hoping that this article can help you with that question.

Remember that how you approach them can be crucial. A best first impression can take a long way to establishing a good relationship with them. The person you want to learn from or aspire to become like is already the best at what they do. They have a life of their own and are busy with their responsibilities and family. You need to give them a big enough reason to make some room for you in their schedules. Make sure you give them a solid reason why they should mentor you.

Usually, great leaders are on a hunt to find the right crowd. They constantly pursue finding individuals who think like them or are ready to be guided by them. Before you send them a direct message or an email, you need to know a little about them. Of course, if they are your dream entrepreneur, you probably know a lot about them, but homework always helps.

Follow up and Keep Them In The LoopResearch about the many things they already offer

Usually, hotshot entrepreneurs already offer a lot for upcoming young entrepreneurs with the potential to change the world. See if they provide a masterclass or a seminar so you can access them through that. It may sound creepy but keep track of the many classes or lectures they offer. Read their books and podcasts to get a better understanding of their mindset. Before you jump the gun and seek mentorship, please attend one of these programs and see what they already offer.

Approach them with an idea

An idea can change your life and probably change theirs too. Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for innovation, and this can grab their attention. If you want their time and attention, you need to give them something worth that. Instead of asking for their help, try to provide them with a problem and ask them for suggestions for your solution. Ask your potential mentor what their perspective on it is. This not only grabs the problem-solving instinct of the entrepreneur but also shows that you value their time.

Follow up and Keep Them In The Loop

Imagine your dream entrepreneur took time out of their day to reply to your message. They gave feedback on your solutions, but you just ignored them after that. This cannot be very reassuring for the entrepreneur and might even discourage them from writing back to another interested person. When you get advice from the mentor of your dreams, ensure that you do what they say. Please do your part and put their suggestions into action. It can be very frustrating when your mentee is too lazy to act.

If you’re talking to someone at the top of their game, be prepared to adhere to and act on their advice. Recognize and thank your mentor for their advice. Remember to keep them in the loop about your ongoing project and thank them for their words of encouragement and wisdom.

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