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4 Expert Tips To Attract The Right Talent To Your Business

So you’ve finally established a thriving business, and now are in search of the best talents to handle the day-to-day activities.

BUT here’s a small problem — you aren’t the only one; it’s a rat race out there.

“The competition to recruit the best of the best talents will only get tougher in the years ahead”, said Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. “Organizations that offer best-in-class flexibility to their personnel will ride at the crest of this wave.”

So how do you convince the right talent to join your firm in such a highly competitive scenario?

Here’s a smart hack: it’s not that difficult when you flip the script and persuade the top talents to look for you, instead.

What Are The Top Talents Looking For In An Ideal Employer Organization?

Before you map out a strategy on how to attract the best talent, here are a few things that you must be aware of:

  • A recent study has revealed that only 50% of workers feel like they have a definitive long-term career in the companies they’re presently working

  • Another research has shown that only 29% of workers feel utterly satisfied with the career growth opportunities provided by their current employer

  • A HAYS study claimed that 81% of employees would leave their present jobs without a second thought if there’s a better opportunity

And here’s what we’ve learned from the studies above:

  • Although the competitive recruitment market is surging upwards every year, studies prove that talents have set viable expectations from their employers

  • And to attract the best, you should showcase a strong culture and create new career-growth opportunities

4 Tips To Attract The Best Talent To Your Business

Here are a few expert tips that would help you gather the attention of the top-tier recruitees in the market:

1. Be Clear About Your Business’s Core Values And Mission

According to Kim Stewart (Director of talent management, First Citizens Bank), “job candidates find it easier to assess their fit when the companies are transparent about what their core values are.”

Another research by Forbes suggests that companies must know their target audience and value proposition clearly for a higher competitive advantage.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Recognize the core skills, and values of your business clearly

  • This way, you can confidently pitch the company’s key selling points to the best talents you’re targeting

  • Once your core values align with theirs, garnering their attention becomes a cakewalk

2. Establish An Employee-Centric Work Culture

The stats mentioned above imply that employees are more inclined to join companies that genuinely have numerous opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Organizations that promote an employee-friendly culture, and help candidates maintain a proper work-life balance always stay ahead.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Offer flexible work schedules to the hired employees; break the conventional stereotype

  • Provide on-the-job training opportunities, and give scope for promotion and growth

  • Host extra-curricular activities and team-building exercises to promote a fun work culture

3. Include The Present Employees In Recruiting

Employees always desire to be heard. Another study suggests that you must provide them the scope to feel valuable and important by including them in various decision-making activities for the company’s benefit, including recruitment.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Give your existing workers “recruitment cards” so that every time they run into someone eligible for the vacant position, they persuade them to appear for an interview

  • Start a “referral incentive” scheme to encourage your workers to search for the best fits for the positions

4. Connect In-Person And Online

What’s the best possible way to meet fresh talents who could boost your business growth? Go out and network with people.

You should look for all networking opportunities, be it in-personal or virtual, to connect with up and coming talents and drive their attention towards your business.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Visit networking events where you get to meet eligible freshers in search of jobs that match your vacancies

  • If you’re searching to attract future talent, the best way is to attend campus recruitment events

  • Connect with the top talents looking for jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Monster Jobs, etc.

Summing It Up

Every organization is out there, trying new strategies to attract the best talents to skyrocket their business. If you’re planning to cut through the hullabaloo and make the best of the lot come to you, the tips mentioned above will come in handy.

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