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5 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is about turning things that excite you in life into capital so that you do it more and move forward with it.

- Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

There are no shortcuts to becoming an entrepreneur. It takes years of determination, hard work, and perseverance to finally crack the code. And the journey starts from within—it begins with self-development.

You can easily recognize a true go-getter by the way they think, speak and act – even among a crowd of hundreds. That said, let’s address the elephant in the room – what are those characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur? Let’s find out.

1. Motivation

First things first, you’d have to stay motivated to shoot for the moon, even when people around you start assuming that your head is in the clouds. Entrepreneurship demands you to invest every ounce of your energy, time, and capital into an idea you believe in while refusing to quit at any cost. If you’re not pumped up at all times, things can get pretty stressful after a while.

Want to know the best part? Motivation comes naturally when you have unlocked your entrepreneurial mindset. If you fancy the idea of living life king-size, you have to consistently function at your highest potential, be patient and understand that nothing happens overnight. So if you’re still willing to go down the trenches, you’d need to stay 110% motivated to keep the pistons running throughout the ride.

2. Creativity

Here’s a secret – not everyone thinks out of the cubicle. While most sheep dedicate their entire lives to trying to fit in the crowd, a true change-maker always wants to stand out. Creativity has been the cornerstone of success for many successful entrepreneurs.

You may wonder, how does being creative help entrepreneurs, apart from out-of-the-box thinking? For starters, it helps you connect with versatile communities and grow a vast network of partners or investors. Not to mention, it also boosts your problem-solving skills through the roof, which helps tackle the underlying risks while turning ideas into a reality.

3. Confidence

You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but confidence is indeed the key to success. If you’re not confident, any entrepreneurial pursuit you plan to take on will be impossible to complete. Belief can move mountains— it’s not about what you’re capable of right now; it’s about believing in what more you’re destined to achieve.

Ideas do fail, and entrepreneurs do face losses – it’s not always a bed of roses. When you lack self-belief, the going gets tough. But when you’re not, you become immune to any risk, hardship, or discouragement that tries to block your path.

Parallel entrepreneur Jared Yellin, after personally experiencing how tech companies overcharge and underperform, had gathered the audacity to create a tech incubator with the mission to launch 10,000 tech companies in 10 years and drew a line in the sand to bring integrity and radical transparency to the software industry. That’s how Project 10K was born.

Have a golden idea but lack the team to bring it to life? Submit your idea with Project 10K and associate with THE BEST in the industry. Get one step closer to transforming the world with your ideas and let’s do it TOGETHER.

4. Decision-making

Nobody understands the importance of decision-making better than an entrepreneur.

One bad decision could drown an incredibly well-set venture in a pool of failure overnight. So how do you differentiate a true entrepreneur from the herd? They are the ones capable of making smart decisions without wasting hours. As an entrepreneur, you might have to make two-three decisions a day but those decisions will lead up to either make or break your company.

The market out there is overcrowded and competitive, so you need an incredible balance of calculative thinking and pace to stand out. Opportunities are like shooting stars – it takes an aware mindset to grab them and make the most out of them every time one passes by. If you’re capable of making fast-paced decisions while keeping all the risks and liabilities in mind, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

5. Integrity

Last but not least, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, absolute integrity is something your image should always resonate with. However, it’s a must-have trait for businessmen. It’s essential to remain honest and transparent in every decision you take and every transaction you make.

Ventures scale higher and higher when more people begin to trust the brand. When in business, your word is your bond. So if your character doesn’t represent honesty and radical transparency, people won’t most likely invest in your ideas.

Whether “entrepreneurs are born, not made” is true or false remains a much-debated topic in today’s generation still. It’s never too late to unlearn the stereotypes and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. These few traits are a must-have to grow your business, whether you’re running a multi-million dollar company or a small pastry shop around the block.

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