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6 Reasons Why Learning How to Write A Copy that Sells is Important for Your Business

Are you irritated by frequent calls that say, “Hi, Are you looking for an Insurance Cover? We are here to help.”

Do you feel irritated by frequent push notifications like “Get 2 Pairs of Jeans for the Price of 1”?

We all are! But for these companies, those calls and messages are mediums to reach prospective buyers and sell their products.

Unfortunately, most of them are ignored or overlooked by the end-users.

If sales calls, push notifications, newsletters, or digital ads offend buyers instead of compelling them to buy, something is seriously wrong with the script.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot undermine the importance of learning how to write perfect sales copy.

To understand that, you must be clear about what a sales copy means.

What is a Sales Copy?

A sales copy comprises a few words penned down to persuade buyers to buy a product or avail of the company’s service.

An image often accompanies a sales copy with a small and catchy caption.

It can be in the form of a paragraph shared with a newsletter or text messages and even posted on social media.

Yes! A sales copy is the script telecallers use to sell a specific product or push a company’s service.

Let us explain with examples –

“A simple image of five pairs of legs sporting different Nike shoes says nothing about the product or the brand.

It doesn’t say much about what action the company expects its audience to take.”

Or “an image of KFC’s hot and fiery chicken legs.”

But, if both images come with a suitable CTA caption, the audience may take action, like picking up their phones and placing orders for the products.

For examples –

The caption for the first image can be something like –

“Your Shoes Define You,” or “Walk in Style with Nike.”


“Make Your Statement with 5 Different Nike Shoes & Pay for 1

Order Now and Start Walking in Style.”


“You cannot chase life’s targets without shoes

Nike can make you run faster than Time

Grab Your 5 Pairs and Pay for 1

Order Now & Meet Targets Before Time”

The caption for the second image can be something like –

“Fight Monday Blues with KFC

Five hot and fiery chicken legs @ $5

Order Now!.”


“Be Fiery and Fiesty on Mondays with KFC

Get five hot and fiery chicken legs for $5.

Order Now!”


“Enjoy a Finger Lickin Sunday Brunch with KFC @ $30

Order Now!”

Yes! The captions might not be too catchy, but they ask the buyers to take action. And that is the whole point here.

A sales copy or a good caption goes a long way in convincing your buyers to take serious action.

A good sales copy compels them to pick their wallet and make the purchase.

That is the whole point of your business, which should be your sales copy’s objective.

It is essential to write compelling and engaging CTA sales copies that sell. Yes! Images and graphics are equally important, but the ad copy will fail to bring customers without meaningful words.

Now, you cannot write just about anything.

No, the sales copy should be crisp yet descriptive, informative, and engaging while convincing enough to get customers and keep them coming back for more.

You are clear about what is a sales copy. Yes?

But why is it important to know how to write a compelling sales copy – here are the reasons to help you understand.

Reason #1: A Sales Copy Defines Your Purpose

The success of your marketing and promotion strategies relies heavily on your sales pitch, aka your sales copy.

So, you must understand what you want to achieve with those brand promotion posters or ad copies.

  • Do you want to inform your audience about your company and its services?

  • Do you want to reach your target audience?

  • Do you want to compel your audience to take a call to action?

If you are clear about your sales pitch’s purpose, you should sit with your team and create the most effective sales copy. The copy should define your company’s purpose – that your products/services are designed to address the most pressing needs of your customers.

The copy should revolve around that purpose.

For example – if your cloud kitchen intends to provide three-course meals to all those non-cook bachelors during the lockdown, your sales copy should reflect that purpose.

The message should be clear and convincing.

It should compel your target audience to believe that your service will not allow your customers to stay hungry during the lockdown period.

The copy should create dependency on your services, eventually getting your audience to start calling for orders.

Reason #2: A Sales Copy Convey Your Message

As mentioned earlier, your sales copy should convey the message to your audience in clear and straightforward words.

It would help if you played with the words and did not beat around the bush with marketing jargon. Your audience will have zero patience to read through your message if the talks fail to entice your audience.

For example, you wish to serve the bachelors homemade food and keep them well-fed during the lockdown. That’s your purpose, which should be the sales copy’s message.

Please keep it clean, simple, crisp, and to the point.

Reason #3: A Sales Copy Offers Value

Your customers are looking for services that add value. Simply put, they are looking for quality services in exchange for the money they are willing to pay for your products.

If that message is unclear in the sales copy, your sales copy will fail. No matter how compelling the image or catchy the copy is, if the news is not adding value, that copy will not work.

For example –

“Get Flat 50% Off On Three-Course Home-Cooked Food

Order Now!”

This is adding value, right?

Or something like –

“Don’t Know What to Cook During the Lockdown?

Get Three-Course Home-Cooked Food from Eat @Home

Win Flat 50% Off on First Order.”

Yes! That’s adding value.

Now, Eat @Home’ is a fictitious restaurant used as an example to elaborate on each point.

Reason #4: A Sales Copy Educates Customers

Yes! A good sales copy educates your customers. How do you expect your customers to be aware of your existence?

Your sales copy/ad copy, emailers, text messages, and social media posts will help your customers find you. All of these are nothing but sales tools. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

And the best part is all of these tools require a well-scripted, catchy, and convincing caption.

The caption should not include a CTA message but should also inform your customers about the existence of your business.

For example –

“Unsure of What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?

Eat @Home is in Your Town

Get Your Bowl of Homemade Lunch @ $50 Flat

Order Now!”

This caption conveys that ‘Eat @ Home’ is a food chain specializing in home-cooked food and has opened a new outlet near your area.

Customers get the message that they can avail themselves of homemade food from this chain with a branch opened in their town. And they will get a full meal at a flat $50.

So, the sales copy is offering –

  • A value to the customers

  • Conveying the message that the restaurant is open to receive orders

  • Addressing the customers’ pain points

  • Educating them, and

  • Asking them to take actions

Reason #5: A Sales Copy Persuades Buyers to CTA

Again, as we mentioned repeatedly, a good sales copy should include a ‘call-to-action message like ‘Order Now!’ or ‘Register’ or ‘Subscribe.’

In short, the action you want your customers to take after reading your ad copy. That message should be clear and highlighted.

Reason #6: A Sales Copy Generates Sells

And finally, a sales copy should generate sales for your business.

That’s the end objective of your company’s marketing, promotion, and sales strategies. Or the outcome of every sale copy you release in the market.

So, you have to take special care in drafting your sales pitch or copy so that those copies result in sales.

They should convince customers to pick up their phones, place orders, and pay.

The bottom line is…

You have to be extremely clear about what you wish to achieve with your sales copy. Once you grasp the objectives well, you can master the art of writing the perfect sales copy.

After all, the sale of your products and services depends on what you write and how you write.

Your company’s future resides in how well you have done your marketing and selling of your products.

There, you cannot go wrong.

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