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Leaders of the past would love to be in our shoes. They would love to have the opportunities to change the world through music, business, or leading a movement, gripping change. Just about everything in our society today involves a product. Although without their innovations, we wouldn’t be there in the first place. Quite the paradox if you ask me.

The innovations of yesterday have drafted the future that we live in today and the innovations of today will shape the future humanity will have to accept tomorrow.

From your phone to the chair you are sitting on was developed through an entrepreneurial mindset. As Young people who have the frame and the determination to become successful Young Entrepreneurs, it is necessary to know when to start.

Now imagine if we treated Entrepreneurship like how we treated athletics. Do you think Micheal Phelps became what he is today just because he read books about swimming and watched Youtube Tutorials? No. He has been practicing the skill since he was seven years old. He tried and failed numerous times until he succeeded. It is the Micheal Phelps of the entrepreneurial world who are triumphant today. Now, as Young budding entrepreneurs with all the resources, you can dream of at the tip of your finger. So What’s stopping you?

The Entrepreneurial mindset is so much more than just sales and products. It’s more about realizing and addressing new-age problems. It is about challenging the status quo. It is not about getting good grades to get a good job. It’s more about standing out and CREATING new opportunities.

Our society is governed by creators and entrepreneurs alike. As a generation that has grown up seeing companies like Uber and Amazon become a part of our lives, it is no longer seen as innovations by the newer generations. It is just a standard for them. The newer generation that has not seen the world before Uber and Amazon, is going to be beaming with innovations and expectations that the older generation cannot even begin to fathom.

A generation that wants ease and convenience and is ready to take risks, the newer generation is set to shape the next normal. The barriers to entrepreneurship have never been lower. All you need is an internet connection and the drive to create. There are many sources which you can learn from, and these learnings breed immense possibilities.

How can the next Generations bring a massive wave of innovations? What makes the next generation so disruptive and smart? As generations go by, people find solutions to problems that make life easier and push society forward. So what makes this generation tick? Here is what we think.

Adopting new skills outside the classroom

With new platforms coming up thanks to the numerous Young Entrepreneurs, the next generation has the chance to add value, learn new skills, and be way more competitive than the generations before. Taking steps to make an effort and learn from virtual learning platforms can make virtual learning mainstream as well. With growing technology, learning is also more accessible. While mainstream school education is outdated, the virtual learning platforms appear to be faster, easier to remember, and measurable. It does have its limitation but hey! Where there’s a problem, there can be a potential for great entrepreneurial solutions.

Rejecting and Challenging incumbent institutions

Taking the same educational realm as an example, the newer generations feel (no thanks to the pandemic) that the methods of the traditional educational setup are superficial. With online learning replacing the “college experience”, the generation expects something entirely different. Ultimately, this can shake up the educational sector that can bring about a massive change in the way people learn. The newer generations don’t go for the cliche. They find their niche and are not afraid to fail.

The Do-It-Yourself Mentality

This generation rejects the societal ways of doing things. They do things the smart way, the convenient way. Hard work is replaced by smart work. From building their furniture to cutting their hair, there is nothing they cannot do. A survey suggests that the Gen Z crowd will stick to the pandemic trend of minimizing household expenditure and eliminating unwanted luxuries. Why buy bread when you can create your bread?

New problems- Newer innovations.

Newer problems to deal with regarding the environment, society, etc, will be addressed and dealt with by the newer generation. Green marketing will flourish as the newer generations truly care about saving the Earth. Younger Entrepreneurs will imagine their products and companies in such a way, that good will come out of it for everyone. The newer generations will be more vocal about what they want.

It is important to note three things while adapting your business models to appeal to the generations to come.

  • Incorporate sustainability in your model as a competitive edge, and not like a compliance exercise.

  • Make genuine steps to assure equality and be very open about progress.

  • Adapt and move according to societal changes.

In the coming years, the newer generation’s expectations and attitudes will reshape it all. From the nature of education, the structure of international order, and the societal responsibility of companies, the newer Generation is here to be disruptive. Business leaders will need to focus on the preferences and expectations of the generations to come. The generation of New Leaders. The generation of Young Entrepreneurs. Are you ready for the change?

Project10K is one such company that fuels the desires of such young changemakers. At Project10K, youth is not seen as a weakness. It’s seen as tremendous potential. Young people have the power to see new-age problems and find solutions. Project10K is here just to support them with resources and maybe even funding. If you have a BIG IDEA then pitch it to Project10K! Dream big today and become a Co-Founder of your very own company. Start YOUNG!

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