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Calendly Welcomes Prelude in the Newest Acquisition Move

Calendly, the leading provider of meeting scheduling software, today announced it has acquired Prelude, a tool that helps streamline and centralize recruiting workflows. The acquisition will bolster Calendly’s position as the go-to solution for team collaboration and coordination by bringing new features and integrations to the Calendly platform.

“Prelude and Calendly’s shared vision for the future is to provide one integrated solution for recruiting teams. Prelude has demonstrated a unique understanding of the talent acquisition industry and the needs of today’s hiring teams.Pursuing this acquisition was an easy decision.” expressed Tope Awotona, founder and CEO of Calendly.

According to Awotona,Calendly’s founder and CEO, the company has shifted its focus toward enterprise users in the last couple of years. The acquisition of Prelude is just one part of Calendly’s larger mission to build great products that help teams work smarter by streamlining communication and collaboration both inside and outside of meetings. With this latest acquisition,Calendly further cements its position as the go-to solution for team coordination by bringing new features and integrations to its platform.

With Prelude, Calendly can provide a single scheduling platform for multiple departments for its enterprise customers. Integrating the interview scheduling solution with the applicant tracking system (ATS) will reduce friction between companies and candidates, transforming the way they approach hiring.

As part of this effort, each candidate touchpoint will be modernized, from communications to preparation, to scheduling and logistics, to interviews.Together, Calendly and Prelude will simplify the coordination of interview scenarios for organizations of all sizes.

“There’s a natural alignment here as our shared vision is to provide a comprehensive solution to recruiting teams with one integrated platform. Scheduling automation is really crucial to the success of any business team – and together, Calendly and Prelude will be the clear choice.” says Will Laufer, CEO and founder of Prelude

About Calendly

Calendly provides software to help teams schedule, prepare, and follow up on external meetings with a business communication platform. Nigerian-born entrepreneur Tope Awotona founded Calendly in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013. Calendly received a $550,000 investment from seed investors late in 2013. As of January 2021, the company was valued at $3 billion.

About Prelude

Prelude is a Prelude, a recruiting operations platform designed to streamline hiring processes. Prelude makes it easier for people to find the right jobs by removing friction and increasing transparency. Prelude was founded in 2017. Before Calendly, Prelude was launched under the name “Interview Schedule”, and raised $2.4 million from investors including Sam and Jack Altman, Fuel Capital, and Elad Gil.

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