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Digital Frontiersman and CEO of Pitch Investors Live, Jonathan Foltz, Shares the Importance of Human

In this episode of NASDAQ’s Tech Talk with Jared Yellin, Jonathan Foltz talks about his humble beginnings and what excites him the most about the future of the tech industry. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and investor with at least over 20 companies of which 3 of those have successful exits.

Before becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today, Jonathan always had an interest in technology. He worked at both Chuck E. Cheese and Toy R Us in their respective tech departments but soon realized that he wasn’t meant to be an employee.

But what started his entrepreneurial journey was an incident that happened way back when he was much younger. Jonathan was kicked out of his High School Basketball team and as passionate as he was about the sport, it devastated him. This led him to search for his purpose in life and to the revelation that he had a knack for making something out of virtually nothing. This was evident when he was able to create and sell copies of the Marshall Mathers LP when he was in 9th grade.

“I thought to myself… I was able to create something out of nothing, so that’s when my entrepreneurial gateway opened up and I’m like okay I can do this on my own and from there I was always able to find an opportunity to get myself to do something phenomenal and I realized at that point in time I’m actually good at something.” Jonathan states.

As inquired by Jared Yellin, Jonathan Foltz was never really a technical person but took the time to study the languages used in programming and designing to better understand the industry. This got him into developing multiple applications with his Marketing Agency and eventually led him to Co-found Pitch Investors Live.

Pitch Investors Live is now bridging the gap between entrepreneurs from around the world to meet with different investors and create opportunities for them within the platform. When asked about what he was most excited about in tech, he shared his genuine interest in integrating Blockchain into local technology and how it gives power to the people by creating a decentralized system.

Jonathan Foltz also stressed the importance of matching the growth of human wisdom alongside the advancement of technology. He believes that if left unchanged, it can lead to the collapse of the entire system.

“The world today is going through a huge elevation first of all in consciousness and the digital revolution. Now as we come to it and I’m seeing it happen so fast, it is more than I expected and faster than I expected but this is how exponential technology has moved. One of the missions that we have is we’re here to merge the gap between technology and mankind’s wisdom… So if we don’t raise consciousness and raise the ability to have that wisdom go along with technology with how fast it moves, we’re going into a dangerous place,” shares Jonathan Foltz.

NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities. Its focus is on high-tech companies. It is the world’s first electronic exchange where investors can buy and sell on an automatic computer network.

Tech Talk is a NASDAQ Series where Jared Yellin, Founder of Project 10K, interviews tech founders, investors, and strategic advisors on their trials and tribulations in the wild, wild world of tech.

Watch the full episode here:

About Project 10K

Project 10K has combined a Venture Studio with a Software Development Firm with a Growth Hacking Agency with a Venture Capital solution and so much more. Project 10K is the ultimate Co-founder for every tech company based on the track record of the team along with the existing infrastructure which includes everything a tech company needs to build, scale, and eventually sell from product management, software development, UI/UX, go-to-market, branding, press, business development, sales, legal, fundraising, bookkeeping, operations, customer support, exit planning, project management and more. Project 10K will BUILD, SCALE, and SELL 10,000 tech companies over the next 10 years by transforming a napkin idea into a limitless scale company on the road to an exit. Project 10K will democratize the entire technology industry by giving anyone committed the chance to become a tech founder regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, educational background, etc.

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