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Do I Really Need A Virtual Assistant?

Does handling every little business-related task all by yourself stress you out often?

It’s true — even 24 hours can sometimes feel too little to get the job done when you’re a one-person company.

A recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index study found that 45% of entrepreneurs and small business owners go through chronic work-related stress, which directly worsens their health.

So how do intelligent business people deal with this issue? By hiring a VA. Say ixnay to the excessive day-to-day workload – hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) helps you focus on what’s more important.

“But I’m still not convinced. First and foremost, what is a VA?”

“Also, why do I exactly need one?”

Don’t worry. Here’s everything you need to know about Virtual assistants and their advantages to your business.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

You’ve already heard about the booming remote work culture — new data claims that around 41.8% of the entire US-based workforce has shifted to a virtual WFH environment.

That said, a Virtual Assistant is a self-employed, remotely working individual you can hire and delegate tasks to — booking appointments, updating social media, and hundreds of other affordable services.

Why Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?

Here are X reasons why hiring a VA stands beneficial in today’s work environment:

1. VAs Decrease Your Day-To-Day Workload

Every solo entrepreneur has a jam-packed schedule, which restricts them from planning further business growth, taking strategic decisions, bringing in new investors, exploring new opportunities, etc.

VAs, on the other hand, are skilled at day-to-day tasks, including data entry, online marketing, SEO, content writing and marketing, etc. They organize everything and ensure that no task is overdue so that the engine doesn’t stall when you’re shifting to the next gear.

2. VAs Are Available 24×7

You can never hire an in-office employee for 24 hours. And let’s admit it – sometimes, 8 hours of availability isn’t sufficient to run a thriving business.

Nevertheless, VAs come with 24×7 availability — how convenient is that?

When you employ a VA located in a different time zone, they can handle customers even when you’re sleeping. And even if they’re unavailable for the moment, you’ll be provided a backup assistant with similar skills and expertise to help you out.

3. VAs Help Your Business Grow

It may sound like a cost-effective idea to handle every little responsibility on your own.

But eventually, things fall apart, and we end up stressed out, struggling to undo the errors.

However, a VA can ensure your organization grows substantially by bringing its expertise and ideas to the table. When you have an assistant, things get done quicker in less time, and faster deliverables prevent your business from slowing down.

Also, when you’re stuck in a loop, you can always consult them for planning and assistance.

4. Unbelievable Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring VAs is the new trend. Why? It’s unbelievably economical.

Having someone doing things for you virtually helps you avoid expenses like office rent, daily maintenance charges, taxes, etc. Besides, they perform tasks from their home-built setup so that you don’t spend more money on computers and broadband.

Here’s the cream of the crop — you’re not liable to pay for staff benefits with VAs, and you only need to spend as many hours as you hire them.

What Qualities Should I Look For While Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

It can be a tough job to hire someone online without having an in-person conversation to assess their personality.

However, these three following qualities you should look for in an excellent virtual assistant:

  • Communication Skills: VAs need to be excellent communicators, so there are no barriers between them and the clients. A good VA always keeps you updated about the littlest things, be it at the beginning of every task or if they face any discrepancies in the midst.

  • Time Management: VAs charge per hour, so evaluating whether they’re good at time management is essential. If they fail at multitasking and getting things done on time, you’d run into a loss.

  • Adaptability: When you’re operating virtually, there’s no certainty that the conditions will always be rainbows and butterflies. Challenges will appear out of nowhere, but a good VA will always devise a strategic plan to get the job done.

Summing It Up

We’re not superhuman. Trying to take on every responsibility head-on can make things irreversibly worse.

Virtual Assistants are favored by entrepreneurs worldwide for how cost-effective and efficient they are when sharing the workload. The benefits mentioned above describe why every business person should start hiring virtual assistants. When are you getting started?

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