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Everything You Need To Know to about Attraction Marketing

When Forbes announced Kylie Jenner as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at 21, the news broke on the internet.

But has anyone ever wondered how this happened?

Let’s look at KJ’s social media handles for a second.

Her Instagram alone has more than 244 million followers. Besides, one of every three posts is about how much her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, helps her feel confident about her appearance.

Connect the dots. The surge of Jenner’s brand towards a whopping billion-dollar market value beautifully explains how you can always hit a home run with a little attraction marketing strategy.

Continue reading to learn more about attraction marketing and why you shouldn’t shy away from using this technique to boost sales.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

From a business standpoint, attraction marketing refers to a sales technique where the sellers persuade their customers to purchase their brand’s products and services.

How is it done? By openly sharing how the product has changed their life.

“Okay, why should I be open about why I personally need the product I’m selling instead of telling why my customers should buy it?”

According to Jeff Bullas co, it’s because when you are sharing your personal experience about a product or service so passionately, it intrigues the audience to try it out themselves.

Besides boosting sales, it also comes in handy to drive hot leads.

As per experts, sharing informational content always helps in converting prospects early. So the next time they’re planning on buying a similar product — let’s say, a health supplement — your content will automatically pop into their head.

How Can I Implement Attraction Marketing In My Business?

Although “expressing your love towards the product/service” is the standard narrative, the original attraction marketing technique goes deeper than that.

However, it’s a cakewalk with the right tricks up your sleeves.

That being said, here are a few ways how you can become a pro attraction marketer quickly:

1. Share An Emotional Connection With Your Customers

When do people stop what they’re doing to listen to your story? When you share a deep, emotional connection with the audience.

That’s your first step — connecting emotionally with your potential customers. This link will encourage them to experience what you’ve felt by purchasing the product.

Here’s a pro tip: Use the correct phrases and keywords to catch their eye, and talk about how the product empowers you as a user.

2. Mention The Product Name And Purchase Link

While sharing your story, make sure to emphasize upon the product name multiple times. This way, the name gets stuck in your audience’s head.

The product name on the post should also contain hyperlinks to the product page. This little inclusion will enable users to purchase what you’re selling directly.

3. Always Stress On The Future Value

How are you using the product? How is it making your life easier? Don’t hesitate to say it out loud.

The more you talk about the helpful features it brings to the table, the more you will persuade them to try the product.

This formula also helps portray your brand as customer-obsessed, which is excellent for business. Let’s be honest – if your explicit content helps a customer solve an inefficiency they’re facing in their daily lives, there’s nothing better than that.

Summing It Up

There’s no harm in being unapologetically yourself.

Instead of using age-old techniques to convince people to buy stuff they don’t need, the new trend is to trigger a need they didn’t realize they had by influencing them with your personal story.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what attraction marketing is all about.

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