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From Passion To Power: How to Find Your Passion and Build a Business

Do you know those who live by the quote, “If you love your job, you never work a day”? Yeah. Those people have found their passion, used it to their advantage, and built a niche in business. They have become uniquely qualified people to do what they do best.

Do what you love!

Follow your passion!

Help people!

The money will follow…

From research and surveys conducted on the generation of Youtube, it was found that experience, age, and education did not have a significant role in the success of a Youtuber. It was a passion. People are attracted to others who broadcast what they are passionate about. Being passionate about something is so rewarding. It fuels you with excitement and interest when doing something you’re passionate about. People are willing to pay if you are capable of helping people through your passions. There are many ways in which your love can be monetized. Here are a few:

Charge per hour as a consultant or coach.

Learning something from people who are passionate about a subject is insightful and can be fun! The energy you get from them may motivate you to get your work done! It might also make the subject very interesting for you. You will be surprised to know that many people start a business without knowing much about the industry they venture into or the products they develop. Find these people who are desperately looking for advice on your passion and interests.

If your passion has to do with something unrelated to business, then you can go for another approach. If you find designing, arranging, and organizing homes and office spaces, etc., you can reach out to your friends and family via email and ask them to share it with prospective clients. You can use blogs and websites such as Craigslist to get a better reach. Get one client to start; your passion will do the rest.

Hosting seminars, workshops, and classes online.

Pick topics that excite you and that you’re passionate about. The internet is your friend. It has many avenues and websites that allow you to host seminars and online classes. In the state the world is in right now, using technology to monetize your passion is a good idea. Everyone is sitting at home thinking of ways to make themselves productive. If you have a friend with a good network, share your link to host seminars and workshops online.

Websites such as askexpertsnow allow you to teach and share your skills. As we discussed before, people are attracted to passionate teachers. Use that to your advantage. A virtual class for topics such as cooking and painting can be a great idea if you are passionate about the subject. Using technology as a catalyst to empower your passion in this digital age should be the norm. All you need is an internet connection.

Write an eBook or guide.

Don’t focus on length. As long as it’s helpful, it works. Work on a PDF report or an eBook that talks about your passion. If you have a blog or a journal on the internet, you may use content from that for your eBook. Package it in a way that people who are interested in your passions can buy it. Again, use your networks and your friend’s network to share details about your book.

Create a Podcast.

Talk about your passions. There are many avenues to do that! With apps like Clubhouse and Instagram coming up with their version, you can bounce ideas with friends and other participants. You can also have a podcast where you can record content and put it out for people to hear. This can be an excellent passive income. You may also use the same content in your book, blog, or journal.

Outsource Yourself

Get a seller’s account on sites like Elance, Odesk, and Have a bio that clearly states your passions and get your services on the market. Showcase your talents. Fiverr is a platform that allows you to sell services for even five dollars. Don’t worry if someone does not hire you right away. A profile on the platform builds credibility around your skill or passion. Provide links to your blogs, journals, podcasts, or books you’ve written so people who want to recruit you can have a better idea.

Got the passion? Build an app!

If you have a business idea, seek an investor and start building what you are passionate about. If you have the flame to work hard to see a change in the world that can make a difference for SOMEONE out there, do it. The digital age provides the internet that allows you to access information, build a team and connect with resources. If you are good at gymming, do a video tutorial. If you are good at cooking, create a cooking tutorial page. If you have good organizational skills, build an AI app to help people make choices, build timetables, etc.

Although if you have a BIG IDEA that you are passionate about and lack the resources and funding to do so, try pitching it to Project 10K. With a solid tech team and a proven record in building businesses, it’s foolproof. Project 10K allows you to develop and accelerate your business.

Imagine yourself as a Co-Founder of your very own business. Looks great, right?

Visit to turn that into reality.

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