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How To Attract Customers And Get Them To Give You Reviews

It is a fact that reviews and testimonials increase the credibility of the product. It helps the customer choose the best from various products from different brands. Research suggests that over 70% of consumers look at a product’s reviews and ratings before making their purchase.

People tend not to buy from websites that do not display reviews. The experience of others who have purchased the product indicates and ensures the newer buyers if a product is good or not.

Social proof reassures hesitant shoppers and provides honest feedback that determines user satisfaction. By having reviews, the business shows that they are ready to instill trust and create a meaningful and safe experience for its customers. Here are some ways to achieve confidence in your business using customer reviews.

Prioritize a dedicated review space

It can be a good idea to put reviews front and center. Think about a place the user’s eyes would automatically go to on your screen. You can try placing some thoughts on the homepage, showing that your website has enabled studies. Publish good and bad reviews about the items and be honest. Add a space where customers can also provide feedback, reviews, and testimonials. Consider creating a dedicated section where customers can rave about your brand or company.

Get on the Social Media Bandwagon

All brands are desperately trying to make a social media presence. Brands try to be cool and build a unique image on social media. Apart from this, being on social media also allows you to get honest feedback. Getting on the same sites as your customers can be a good idea. Make your social media accounts accessible from your store or website so your customers can follow and interact with them. They can also leave comments and experiences they have with your brand. It can also be good to have your company listed on google reviews.

Following up is key

Ensure that you follow up with your customers. It is a fact that customers don’t mind brands or companies checking up with them for feedback. You can also try sending emails to customers after they make a purchase. Since the investment is fresh, the customer will likely note their experience with your business. You can automate sending emails and getting reviews to focus on other aspects of your business. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to submit their reviews.

Be ready to fix issues.

It can be helpful to ask the right questions to your customers during a feedback session. Knowing the type of answers you’re looking for before drafting queries can help you ask the right questions. What are your customers looking for? What are their biggest concerns while making a purchase? What does your business or industry lack? Such questions can help you acquire meaningful and honest testimonials from your customers.

Contact those who leave reviews.

Contact them if you notice someone posting a glowing review about a product or service. They can be loyal customers. There are chances that they might purchase again. Be sure to call them, ask them about their feedback, and thank them for their review. You can also ask them to post their experience on social media so you can share their thoughts on your channel.

As for those who leave negative reviews, ignoring them won’t make them go away. Try to respond to them and find out why they had a negative experience. If you have a complaint, try to rectify it and understand their point of view to improve your business.

Contests can be fun!

A somewhat effective way to engage with your customers can be by hosting contests on your website and social media. With some help from your current customers, you can share some contest ideas that may have a chance to go viral. Keep it simple and exciting. Ask your customers to add the relevant hashtags and tag people who can take the contest forward. You may also ask them to share photos of them using the product. American Eagle has a page dedicated to this called AEXME. This can be a fun way of getting reviews since people see it as a form of expression rather than criticism.

Provide incentives for reviews

You might have noticed that some brands provide discount coupons to those customers who give reviews. Surprise your customers by rewarding them with discounts or credits which they can avail for their next purchase. The wow factor will surely catch them by surprise and motivate them to buy something from your brand.

Provide reasons to review you

Customers feel good when they get a personalized thank you note after their purchase via email. If you make your packaging attractive or add a small letter with it, your customers might also post them on social media. Do things that make your customers feel warm and happy; chances are they will share their experience with their network.

In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can make reviews work in your favor. Disabling them only makes your brand look suspicious. Having a review section makes your customers feel you are ready to face criticism. It also shows them that you are prepared to be better and listen to their comments.

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