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How To Create An Impact Team? A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Updated: Sep 23

So you’re planning to venture into a new business – what’s the first thing you should do?

Create a team of highly driven, motivated, and open-minded people who sync with your vision and philosophy.

Did you know that, as per Blanchad-Bulgaria, unproductivity and meager engagement among teams cost US-based organizations <$1M in loss annually? It’s no secret that building a great team optimizes the workflow and lessens the scope of conflict among the members, and encourages idea-sharing.

So how do you, being a leader, strategically create an impact team that doesn’t hesitate to go down the trenches together, take upon complex challenges collaboratively and succeed?

Here are a few tips that may come in handy, so let’s dive in:

1. Be careful about who you’re letting in

First, you must selectively handpick the individuals you’re adding to the core team. As per a Kellogg Insight article, two of the most frequent errors that leaders commit while developing teams are:

  • Making the team more significant than it needs to be

  • Ending up creating a homogeneous team

Every leader aims to create a team of like-minded individuals. In the process, they make the team with zero diversity, which elicits a distorted vision and slows down the team’s productivity.

For instance, suppose a sports team is reforming and recruiting members only interested in the quarterback position – that’s a recipe for disaster.

2.Feedback is important

What is an aspiring leader’s worst nightmare? It’s when his team members are wondering, “am I doing my part correctly? Where do I have to improve?”

We can’t stress this enough – enable two-way feedback, so your team members don’t feel neglected. You must arrange one-on-one meetings with every member and provide constructive feedback more often. This practice helps you in the following ways:

  • Keeps your team on track at all times

  • It makes them aware of the areas they must improve

  • You celebrate their individual and collaborative achievements to boost morale

3. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

There’s no harm in establishing a celebratory team culture – however, we shouldn’t shy away from discussing the day-to-day errors.

  • Although celebrating the accomplishments keeps the members glued together, it’s equally important that everyone sheds light on the areas of improvement just as progressively.

  • A team that doesn’t consider radical transparency as its core value isn’t likely to be as efficient together.

As per a study hosted by Leigh Thompson, team members who openly discuss their embarrassing moments usually come up with better ideas while brainstorming; the moral of the story is? Be open, examine the embarrassments over a few laughs.

4. Create an impact culture

Last but not least, every strong team is bonded by sharing mutual core values, and the leader’s sole responsibility is to ensure that this culture is accepted and implemented correctly.

During one-on-one meetings, have deeper conversations where you get to understand the mutual values the employees share and the organization. The alignment of mutual importance and beliefs is what creates an impactful team.

So to conclude, it does take a great team to achieve the unattainable. Members who share the same beliefs always thrive in collaboration, flow seamlessly and get the job done without any drama.

The tips mentioned above can help you create a team of champions who are always prepared to take on challenges together, celebrate the littlest accomplishments and share their embarrassing stories without shying away.

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