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Mind If I Slide In Your DMs?

In this era where most of us are netizens, DM’s can do wonders for your business. DM’ing people on Instagram is currently the best way to network and create relationships online. A DM or a direct message is a private, instant messaging communication on social media which is only visible to the sender and the recipient. All major social media platforms have this feature enabled, and boy! Is this a boon for direct messaging for your business requirements?

This article will deal with three things. It will help you understand what DMing can do for your business, how to do it effectively and how to avoid coming off as a spammer or a fraud.

DM’s in business work differently. It is to develop relationships with the user and followers in a one-on-one setup. While it offers tremendous scope in business, it can’t be assured across all platforms. While some channels are great for sharing user-generated content, another might be used for customer service. A trial and error kind of experimentation might be helpful to identify which platform is right for you and your business.

DMing on Instagram

It’s hard for people to get noticed on The ‘Gram because the competition is tough. Although brands shell out a lot of money to get visible on your feed, the DM is where the magic happens. You can access your followers directly, so the Instagram algorithm goes unaffected. Here’s why. Other features might get affected except one when you turn your account into a business account. You guessed it! DMing remains constant, and this can be used to your advantage.

Instagram is the best to find influencers since this platform is where they live. If you don’t have the budget to hire Christiano Ronaldo to diss a product, here’s what else you can do.

Go for the Micro-Influencers

Instagram is full of them. People with a good number of followers but not big enough yet. They are easier to reach and most likely to work with you rather than the big shots. Believe it or not, they will have a niche follower list compared to a general follower list that follows the influencers with 1 million followers.

Don’t let the followers fool you. Go for engagement!

On Instagram, one rookie mistake people make when looking for influencers is thinking bigger is better. That is true if your standard of measurement is engagement. Make sure there are quality followers who are engaged. Use hashtags and locations to find relevant accounts to reach out to with your messages. Remember to do your homework. An Irrelevant pitch can not only be a waste of time but can be ineffective to someone who is not appropriate for your product. Understanding your potential collaborators before DMing them can make your campaign effective. Try to drop a nice comment and be genuine as well.

How can DMing help your business?

From contacting influencers to dealing with new, potential, and loyal customers one-on-one, DM can do a lot for your business. It can ensure results that are otherwise difficult to attain through any other means. For instance, an ad on Facebook does not allow you to chat with someone who engages with it. The intimacy and the personal touch it gives your communication unlocks its many benefits. Such as:-

Engagement and Loyalty

Unlike John Cena, who preaches hustle, loyalty, and respect, people who send you a message, even when it’s a complaint, will be your loyal users. They spent time contacting you, and this means a lot. Ensure you treat them like they’re your only customer.


Social media platforms, especially Instagram, allow you to collaborate and network with many influencers. DMing them is the easiest and quickest way to reach out to them. Make your message less robotic as they are supposed to be less formal than an email.

Lead Generation

If someone takes the time and replies to your DM, know it’s a good thing. They are showing a level of interest in your brand. Note them, as they can be good leads in your future sales. It is a good “foot on the door” technique for a positive transaction in the future.


Use this as rarely as possible. Aggressive promotion can give a notion of a bot run page. Learn to promote your business by offering value through a personal touch. Don’t tell people how great your business is; show them how remarkable you can be.

Customer Service

Research suggests that customers and users like live customer service options like chats. Messaging instantly gives you the ability to reply and solve problems almost instantaneously. You can have bots and other AI for quick fixes, but you need an actual human for the personal touch. A conversation with your customer is something that helps build relationships with the brand. It’s more than a mere transaction. It is an excellent way to include a friendly touch often lost when business is done online.

Remember to deliver value to people so they can return to being thankful. Listen to your customers. Try to respond as quickly as possible. Keep it casual and friendly. Start with a simple “Hey” and solve whatever problem they have. Mainly, know your audience and your platform well. Remember to have a system for evaluation and feedback as well.

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