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Remove the Clutter. This Includes People

As we grow in life, we tend to add more people to our social contact list and more items to our houses.

But cluttering your rooms can have a dire effect on your mental well-being, so also cluttering your personal lives. Even before we realize we have filled our living spaces with unnecessary items that caused a complete mess. And, messy living spaces can add to your stress levels.

Likewise, when our lives are cluttered with negative people, we are more likely to get inclined towards negative habits and get negative thoughts in our brains. We fail to realize that all those negative thoughts and habits are deviating our focus from our lives’ goals and objectives.

You feel frustrated. You feel suffocated and claustrophobic. You lose focus on things or persons who matter to you.

So the first thing you need to do is pick a broomstick and brush away items that you don’t need but are adding to the cluttered space or people who don’t bring joy in your life.

Believe it or not, decluttering your life and ridding yourself of unwanted items and people is essential to your mental well-being, as mentioned earlier. You will enjoy the empty space around you and feel a positive surge of energy flowing through.

Keeping your house and life more organized will actually do good to your mind, body, and soul. They will be at peace with one another, which helps you to stay focused in return.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should declutter your life of unwanted items and unnecessary people.

#Reason 1: Decluttering Relaxes You

Imagine yourself returning to your cluttered home after a day of extreme stress and pressure!

How do you feel if you have to struggle to walk between bric-a-brac to reach the switchboard?

You end up knocking off a few items on the way. Or get hit by a crashing table lamp. Living in an enclosed space scattered with too many items not only adds to your stress, as mentioned earlier, it also makes you feel claustrophobic.

More importantly, you lose your focus on your work because you feel the cluttered space around you hinders your thought process. It doesn’t allow your ideas to flow freely, preventing you from thinking properly.

The impact can be both psychological and physical.

Yes, studies show that clutter increases your cortisol levels that increase your stress hormones.

So, when you start ridding your house of items you no longer need, you can free your mind and think straight.

You will save valuable time from continuously organizing your house and attending to calls of people who matter least to you. Don’t bind yourself to such obligations. Some people tend to add negativity to others’ lives. It should be the first set of acquaintances you need to get rid of forever.

They clutter your life unnecessarily and waste your time speaking about things that add little value to your existence. You don’t need to hear them out of obligation. Instead, sever ties with them and organize your contact list.

These people contribute a lot to your stress by gossiping about things that divert your attention from important matters. They fill your brain with vile things they talk about, thereby cluttering your brain and preventing you from thinking straight.

If they cannot contribute to your life positively, there’s no point listening to their baseless conversations and cluttering your brain with useless thoughts. Remove them at once!

You will feel relaxed and happy!

#Reason 2: Decluttering Stimulates Creativity

An empty canvas inspires an artist to express his creativity with a paintbrush.

An artist creates masterpieces using the empty canvas.

Likewise, if you live in an open space surrounded by minimal items, your creativity will flow freely. You will be able to focus your mind and soul on creating masterpieces, just like an artist with an empty canvas, paintbrush, and easel.

If you want your brain to function properly, you should empty your brain first of thoughts that hinder your creativity.

This will happen when you start interacting with people who add value to your existence and contribute positively to your life.

Keeping your brain engaged by indulging in unnecessary activities or partaking in baseless conversations with equally useless people will not allow you to think clearly.

Your mind will easily get deviated to other unproductive thoughts. You will keep thinking about those useless conversations. Your creativity will get hampered in the process.

So, like your living space, you need to start decluttering your life and remove people who do not contribute positively.

Quit having those unnecessary conversations because those thoughts will keep coming back to you whenever you sit down to focus on your work.

You will not be able to create anything because you are thinking about what the other person said the previous day in the back of your mind.

Your brain should be empty to allow your creative thoughts to flow freely. You need to be surrounded by empty space to avoid any hindrances while creating something new and unique.

Free some space in your living area and empty your brain of vile thoughts. Your creativity will outflow like never before.

#Reason 3: Decluttering Keeps You Focused

Clutter competes for your attention. However, an organized surrounding will allow you to remain sharp, productive, and focused.

If your workspace is clumsy and disorganized, you will realize that it is hard for you to remain focused on your work. Your mind will keep deviating to this and that.

Like, you notice a pile of dust resting on the edge of your desk. Or the pile of dusty books lying on the floor. Your mind will wander away to the furniture that lies scattered around.

Likewise, if you have undesired people texting you continuously throughout the day about unproductive things, you will never be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Your brain has to shift continuously between your work and reading/answering those texts.

Do you think it is possible to stay focused in between those disturbances?

The constant jingling of your phone or the clumsy living space will prevent you from staying productive and focused for long.

So, you can start by switching off your phone and clearing some space in front of your eyes to allow your thoughts to flow freely.

It is best to block those people out of your life permanently.

That’s because such people don’t have the willpower to grow and will not allow you to grow as well.

#Reason 4: Decluttering Makes You Feel Free

Clutter holds you back in many ways.

Do you think you can cook happily in a disorganized, dirty, and clumsy kitchen?

Or can you relax on a sofa that is cluttered with other items?

Our emotional attachment to items we own (even if we don’t need them anymore) prevents us from throwing them away. They prevent us from freeing ourselves of all the clutter that has lost its value with time.

So, we can’t make room for more, yet we keep adding more to our stack of stuff.

Likewise, we find it hard to detach ourselves from people who can otherwise damage our well-being.

Knowing that these people are pulling us down, we hold onto them for fear of speaking up and saying, ‘we don’t want you.’

Yes, we can’t go ahead and block them from our lives or shut them down permanently. But, why do we even want to speak to people who leave a bad aftertaste in our lives?

Unless we muster up the courage to break free from those obligations, we can never move forward. If we remain tied down by oil memories, useless items, and unwanted acquaintances, we can never free ourselves and grow.

We lose focus as we stay surrounded by useless thoughts.

That’s how we end up damaging our potential to grow and succeed in life.

Instead, it would help if you started by cleaning your house and your phonebook. Eliminating unwanted items or people will make you feel free of baseless obligations. You will feel happy and more positive by surrounding yourself with clean surroundings and positive people.

The bottomline is …

It is important to organize your living area and your personal life now and then. Gone are the days when we competed with our friends over the number of followers our Insta or Facebook profile has.

As we grow in life, we realize that quality matters more than quantity.

Yes, decorating our living spaces with incredible furniture and bric-a-brac is good. But, eventually, we understand that flaunting about what you have mattered less and less as we gain experience with age.

So, it would help if you started cleaning your home and your life to create more open spaces for positivity, energy and creativity to flow easily.

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