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Steve Gall and Jen Keane Share how Widget is Disrupting the Status Quo With Frictionless Communicat

May 31, 2022 (Miami, FL) NASDAQ’s Tech Talk with Jarred Yellin releases a new episode featuring Steve Gall, Vice President of automotive digital and traditional marketing agency The Ram Group, and Jen Keane, connector of people and Chief Financial Officer of Widget. In this Tech Talk episode, Steve and Jen share their journeys in tech, how both of them started out by selling cars in their teens, and the motivation behind starting Widget. With Steve’s background working in a dairy farm and both of their exposure to sales at an early age, they had the work ethics and passion to pinpoint what can be improved in how communication is done in business. Steve recounts how his entrepreneurial endeavor started in the automotive industry, when he devised a way for the consumer not to come to a dealership to purchase a vehicle. He started his own VIP process by going to meetings of various groups, country clubs, hospitals and businesses. This was his first venture into giving the consumer what they wanted, making it frictionless and easy for them to complete a purchase. Fast forward to Widget, Jen shares how the company places the same importance on making the consumer experience smooth communication, “It’s direct communication. And if you think about the industries, across every industry, there’s a need for that communication that’s frictionless — that’s not asking you all these questions, trying to get all your information — ‘cause we don’t want to give that.” So how exactly does Widget do it? It is the first platform that enables texting and calling directly through images or photos. The company’s patented technology empowers brands to engage clients directly through their most valuable asset: content. With its four pillars of engagement, conversation, gathering data, and measuring attribution, it shows a business what’s working and what’s not working, making it powerful. On the consumer side, it gives them the ability to communicate the way they want, when they want, and as Steve put it, to look at beautiful pictures while doing it. The greatest challenge is just educating the market.

“At the end of the day, as it allows you to do business the way you want to do business or communicate the way you want to communicate, you’re gonna never do any other way. And so, that’s exciting for us.”

- Steve concludes.

NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities. Its focus is on high-tech companies. It is the world’s first electronic exchange where investors can buy and sell on an automatic computer network. Tech Talk is a NASDAQ Series where Jared Yellin, Founder of Project 10K, interviews tech founders, investors, and strategic advisors on their trials and tribulations in the wild, wild world of tech. Watch the full episode here: Tech Talk with Jared Yellin

About Project 10K

Project 10K has combined a Venture Studio with a Software Development Firm with a Growth Hacking Agency with a Venture Capital solution and so much more. Project 10K is the ultimate Co-founder for every tech company based on the track record of the team along with the existing infrastructure which includes everything a tech company needs to build, scale, and eventually sell from product management, software development, UI/UX, go-to-market, branding, press, business development, sales, legal, fundraising, bookkeeping, operations, customer support, exit planning, project management and more. Project 10K will BUILD, SCALE, and SELL 10,000 tech companies over the next 10 years by transforming a napkin idea into a limitless scale company on the road to an exit. Project 10K will democratize the entire technology industry by giving anyone committed the chance to become a tech founder regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, educational background, etc.

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