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Surrounding Yourself With People Who Inspire You To Be Great

Seeking acceptance without losing your true self is never too much to ask for.

Everybody feels a little lonely at times. Everyone expects a little appreciation and support from their loved ones, especially when things are going downhill.

That’s just how humans are.

But even if you put everything you have in line for the wrong people, the only thing you’ll receive is the feeling of it never being enough.

“You need to change this about yourself if you want to be cool… you need to stop being like that if you want to hang around with us..”

Okay, it’s time we put a pin to these conversations.

If you’re getting the same vibe from the folks you’ve surrounded yourself with, take a moment and ask yourself — do you need to change yourself, or the circle you’re in?

You Are Who You Hang Around With – Choose Wisely

Popular entrepreneur/author Emanuel J. Rohn had once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”. Let that sink in.

Now let’s figure a few things out — where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Do you have big career plans? Are your goals higher than everyone else’s? Do you wish to be successful in life?

If you’ve ticked all of those above as “yes”, then you immediately need to stop associating yourself with narrow-minded people.

Here are 3 reasons why this small step would make a HUGE difference in your life:

1. The Art Of Gratitude

Without gratitude, there’s no success. When you’re grateful for life, your self-esteem and ability to deal with adversities improve a lot. Gratitude also helps you build healthy and sustainable relationships, and keep your anger outbursts in control.

Gratitude is every successful person’s key trait, as it helps you realize what opportunities your life and everyone else in it has given your way. It keeps you grounded, and that’s why you should always surround yourself with such people.

2.Vibes Are Contagious

Have you noticed how being around sad people eventually ruins your mood too? It’s because negative vibes are contagious, it will eventually rub off on you.

But what’s even more contagious? Positive vibes.

If you willingly hang around with people who stay cheered up and optimistic about everything, you’ll always be content with yourself. They’ll always motivate you to achieve the unattainable, and you, too, will be motivated to make it into a reality.

3. Learning From The Best

It’s no secret that we learn life by copying gestures and patterns from the ones we’re surrounded by. So why not use it to our advantage? Hanging around with people who motivate us to be better helps us to learn from the best of the lot.

Whether it’s simpler learning like posture, habits and vocabulary or deeper topics like philosophy — everything changes for the better when we’re surrounded by good people.

Summing It Up

A good friend will offer genuine, unfiltered, and constructive feedback so that you realize your true potential, whereas a bad friend will come wearing a critic’s facade to belittle your ambitions.

Do not settle for less. Cut off the toxic people, shift to a healthier circle and you’ll be amazed to see how your perspective towards life changes.

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