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The History Of The Internet

The internet has allowed people to stay connected from two ends of the Earth. It has also made it possible for companies to remain connected and functional throughout the pandemic. It allows people to connect, express, and exchange information in seconds. Without the internet, you would not be able to access this article. We would not be able to reach you either. So thank you, the internet, for connecting like-minded people.

The inception of the internet happened around 50 years ago. Computers back then filled up entire rooms! It was used for communication by scientists and researchers during the cold war. It was helpful because if one computer went down, the others would not follow.

In 1962, a scientist named J.C.R Licklider proposed an idea of a network of computers that could talk to each other. In 1969, the Arpanet was used to send information and messages across the country. The Arpanet was the computer network of the Government at the time. It stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency. One was in a research facility at UCLA, and the other was at Stanford. The message sent across was “login.” Although Stanford only received the first two letters. The slow progress and only four computers were connected to this network. In 1971, Hawaii’s own Aloha Network was added as well. Various networks accompanied this from London and Norway in the following two years.

The Birth of Email

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson was developing ways to send mail to and fro in the Arpanet. This would be later called electronic mail or email for short. As we know, the “@” symbol was used to set apart the person’s name and hostname. With all the networks floating around, there needed to be a way for all computers to communicate with other networks. This is where a computer scientist named Vinton Cerf comes in…

He invented ways to introduce computers across the globe to each other in a virtual space. This was called a TCP or a Transmission Control Protocol followed by IP or internet protocol.

In the 80s, scientists used the CERF’s protocol to send data worldwide. It was in the ’90s that it all began.

The birth of the WWW

In 1991, Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. This was not just a data-sharing space for scientists. This was an entire network of information for anyone within a network of internet connections. In 1992, Erwise was the first internet browser tool created. Where is the chrome Vs Firefox fans now?

Erwise was an internet browser and the first to have a graphical user interface. In 1993, Mosaic was created, and it went on to popularise internet browsing. Mosaic also influenced Netscape Navigator, an internet browser, to be born. This became the most popular web browser and accounted for 90% of web usage in 1995.

Companies like AOL we’re starting to provide dial-up internet. You know, the connection would disrupt if you get a phone call? Yeah. Those. Dial-up is the method of connecting to the internet via a telephone line. It was done by connecting your telephone line to your modem, and the other end was plugged into the phone jack. Without the internet, we would not have social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Forget that! We won’t be able to access information in mere seconds. We would not be able to educate people who would not get access to knowledge elsewhere. It helped people across the globe connect. It helped build the global village.

Imagine talking to a person to get your pizza delivered home! Oh, that reminds me…BRB! I got to order a pizza via the internet. Pizza was the first-ever commodity to be purchased on the internet.

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