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The Launch Of Twitter Spaces

Audio streaming was a rising trend in the late 1990s. Today, it’s a whopping $20.9B market, which is being estimated to grow by another $7.47B during the next 5 years.

It’s not a secret anymore that our generation loves audio streaming. With modern-day tech moguls like Zuckerberg and Musk joining the wave through networks like Clubhouse, this market can only grow bigger.

You may wonder, does the regular person have any space to express themselves in an atmosphere crowded with influencers?

Here’s some good news — Twitter has built the right platform for you.

What Are “Twitter Spaces”?

Talk about audio streaming? Twitter has entered the chat, everyone!

Twitter Spaces — an all-for-one audio platform for users to stream audio and host live talks — has finally launched.

We’ve been hearing about Twitter testing this product since November 2020; sadly, with a limited user base. Well, don’t fret. In May 2021, it finally made a global debut for both iOS and Android Twitter users with 600+ followers.

Spaces is an audio streaming platform where users with 600 or more followers can create and join virtual rooms to hold real-time audio convos and discussions.

Is Twitter Spaces The Biggest Audio Streaming Platform In 2021?

It’s prevalent that the live audio streaming market is projected to grow immensely during the next few years.

Excuse the pun, but it’s getting bigger AS WE SPEAK!

Audio streaming boomed last year when Clubhouse brought some of the biggest influencers around the world to host live talks on their platform. However, one of the key disadvantages of this platform was its Android incompatibility.

But here’s something to cheer about.

Spaces has entered this rapidly developing market at an early stage for both Android and iOS users. The aim behind launching this platform is to skyrocket Twitter’s daily active user base to 315 million by early 2024.

Keeping Twitter’s global popularity as a brand, there’s no doubt that Spaces is all set to boost the daily active user stats astronomically by 2024.

How To Use Twitter Spaces

Spaces have always had an upper hand over the alternative audio streaming platforms, even throughout the beta testing stage, due to their ease of use and accessibility.

That said, it’s effortless to host or join a Twitter Space. Here’s you can participate:

  • Tap the purple circle visible around the space host’s profile picture shown at the top section of your feed

  • Tap the purple space visible within the said user’s tweet (only possible when the user is live)

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Joining A Twitter Space

Here are some tips and insights you need to know while joining:

  • You will be muted by default when you join any space; don’t worry, you can always unmute yourself by requesting to be a speaker

  • You can turn on captions for a better understanding

  • You can also use funny sound effects and react with emojis to make the conversations more exciting

  • You can share the space with your friends and ask them to join anytime (till it’s streaming live)

The Bottom Line

The future of audio streaming is finally here, and it has plenty of space for everyone to host their little chit-chat parties. So, when are you hosting your first live audio chatroom on Twitter?

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