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The Power Of People Skills.

Everyone likes an ego massage once in a while. Treating customers as gods is something that is practiced in any business or service. One undeniably powerful thing is the power of People Skills. Saying the right words at the right time can even douse the fire of an infuriated customer or client. In your journey of life or entrepreneurship, you are bound to meet many people who might play a critical role in helping you through your journey. It is important to keep a good set of people who think like you and listen to you as well. It is important to know that you as a person have to make people feel important and needed for them to feel necessary to stick around as well. Creating a positive environment for your employees, teammates, family, and friends is key to maintaining great relationships.

How can you, as a person or an Entrepreneur develop and leverage people skills to your advantage? Let’s find out…

Work On Your Charm.

The fastest way to improve your relationship with other people is to treat them well. Having the right charm can take you a long way as an Entrepreneur or as a person in your day-to-day life. Charm allows you to create a great rapport with people and make them feel exceptional or special in your presence. Contrary to the popular belief that one is naturally charming, it is a skill that can be learned with practice.

Communication Is Key.

Even if you’re a genius with ideas that can CHANGE the World, it is useless if you can’t put them across to win people over. As Humans, we have a deep craving to be appreciated, valued, and felt important. With good communication and good people skills, it will be easy for you to get through to other people. Listening is also an important soft skill as people would perceive you as not only charming but also as a person they can trust.

The Five Ways to Master People Skills.

According to Brian Tracy, Motivational speaker, and author, the following are five ways to improve and master your people’s skills. Acceptance, Appreciation, Approval, Admiration, and Attention. With unconditional positive regard, people feel accepted around you. Any action with a simple smile, people see you as a trusted entity and feel important and valued around you. Be sure to appreciate people for any reason, big or small. Thank people no matter their position in your life. From your wife to the janitor working at your office, they feel valued, their self-esteem jumps, and you feel better as well. As discussed before, humans seek approval, and it’s very deep-rooted. Giving approval or praising others makes others feel good. They will see you as a highly likable person as well. Admiration, on the other hand, is self-explanatory. Genuinely recognizing other people’s talents or traits will boost their motivation as well. The most important quality is attention. When you pay close attention to other people, they automatically feel more valued and special. Listen as if you are transfixed by what they are saying. Take a moment, pause, and then reply after thinking. Do not jump to a conclusion. This gives a notion that you are listening.

Positive Projection.

The idea to project positivity and good energy onto other people at all times. Honor the struggle faced by the people around you. The problem nowadays is that people are too self-centered to notice the struggle others are going through. This makes them judgemental and hard to deal with. Some people feel that they’re the only ones going through a struggle. People like that forget to be positive with other people. Recognize the struggles of other people, be kind to them. That way, they will remember you as a pillar of strength who supported them in their hardships. If you look at people who are celebrated around the world such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, we notice that they bring love, mindfulness, and presence to every person they touch.

Improve your ability to take interest in people.

Instead of talking about yourself endlessly, try being a listener for a change. Listen to their dreams and their fears. To be genuinely interested in people nowadays is such an art. In an era where people show false interests, be genuine. When you know the dreams and fears of people, you can read them better and motivate them to become better. You will soon become a champion of people as they will see you as a beacon of positivity. You have now become a REAL HUMAN in the eyes of spectators. Your fascination with people will take you a long way.

You can notice that people in sectors such as hospitality, service, customer relations, etc, are super nice and positive people. As soon as you connect with a person who is not welcoming, you start to get a bad image about the whole place they work at. You just feel a million times better if you get connected to a person who listens and understands you better. People with exceptional people skill reflect the good image of their organization.

In conclusion, the fastest way to improve a relationship is to make others feel important in every way possible. In the realm of Entrepreneurship and business where networking is key, it is really important to have good people skills. It is the people around you, be it at your home, your office, or even your team that give you the motivation and the reason to give your all at what you do. For more tips on shaping your flame into a bonfire that can light up every life you touch, follow.

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