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Ways to Monetize your Content.

Content Marketing is a great way to earn revenue. Using your content marketing skills, you can not only profit from your content but also gain from other’s content as well. From publishing videos on Youtube to making podcasts, newsletters, and articles and sharing them on LinkedIn, content generation has many channels. It is a good way to direct business towards the direction you want your audience to go. While traditional advertising is good for publicity for your brand, content marketing gets most of the business. People see the value in content marketing, it’s been proven that it works. People don’t have the time, people, and expertise for the knowledge and resources to do what it takes to produce content and publish it on the calendar regularly. Consistency is what makes content marketing successful.

Entrepreneurs nowadays use content marketing for their businesses. There are several different ways through which you can go ahead with content marketing. You can if you have a larger agency or a group of people working in your business, you can offer a full-service marketing service to clients.

From developing content strategies to calendars, you can do a full-service offering for your client or your own business. If you have content marketing skills around a particular niche, you can use that as a key to unlock business relationships with your client business. You can help them where they need help in areas they lack to produce content they desperately want to do. Pitch your skills and ideas to businesses big or small.

Foot in the door Content Marketing.

You don’t have to be a full-service content marketing agency to engage with companies and make money at doing content marketing. You can approach or pitch companies if you are an expert. You can carve off a niche. You can select something the client needs around content marketing that they don’t know or lack the time and resources to do. Clients lack the time, resources, and people who do content marketing and are desperate to find people who can do it. If you can use that desperation they have to get your foot in the door, they will be receptive to what you have to offer.

Sponsorship Content

Advertising and sponsorship is the most popular way of gaining direct revenues. Large media brands such as The Wall Street Journal, are generating a serious amount of revenue from sponsored content. Research from the New York Times suggests that young media companies generate the majority of their income through sponsorships. Sponsorship would be a better strategy as it does not involve interrupting the experience of a user. It is subtle and is the underwriting of a piece of content generally by the sponsor company. From sponsored download, you can generate leads. Building awareness is great from sponsorships as well.

Unlock Premium Content.

Content creators who get popular with their free content often have a section for their superfans. Premium content packages come in several forms including direct-for-sale content products, funded content and purchased on-demand content, etc.

Syndicated content also falls under the premium content section. This happens when created content is published or hosted on third-party websites for a charge. For instance, Yahoo!’s site has content paid directly to companies such as Reuters and Newsweek. Yahoo! Does develop original content but hosts premium or syndicated content as well.


Imagine people paying you a monthly subscription rate just to get your content. A subscription allows users access to premium paid content, exclusive content, and other perks for subscribers. It also promises constant content delivery over a period of time. Most of the newspapers have subscriptions as their main revenue stream apart from advertising.

Organizations in the future will use multiple models of media marketing strategies. Multiple marketing revenue streams can be useful for companies to gather profits. Much like planting their eggs in many baskets, companies will have different content marketing channels and strategies as well.

If you are a freelancer or a content creator looking for different ways you can monetize your content, we genuinely hope we have shed some light on the topic. For more information regarding anything tech, visit Project 10K website.

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