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What’s Your Winning Strategy?

Every win requires preparation, planning, and a proper strategy for smooth execution. Having a vision is a start but planning out how you are going to get there is what matters. Making the right choice, having a proper strategy, and taking action makes or breaks your goals for the future. The entrepreneurial journey is never a race, it’s a marathon. It’s about enduring the pain that is abundant through the journey, savoring the small wins, and yet going ahead to see what else is in store for you. A strategy and planning are necessary for the journey as you need multiple plans to keep your business soaring if not barely floating.

Imagine you go to the gym, and every time you go there, you see a person working out like crazy, but there is little to no difference in his body ever since you’ve started seeing him. The same can be applied to business. Working hard 24/7 cannot get you anywhere. It might just make you more fatigued. This will lead to mediocre work being delivered. The key to this is better planning, strategizing, and prioritizing time.

Phases In Your Journey.

For someone who wants to grow their business, this may help you with your mission. Young Entrepreneurs always say they are overwhelmed with the work they do. You will seldom hear a seasoned or a veteran Entrepreneur say the same. An entrepreneur goes through many phases in their journey. The startup phase where the business in its formative stage. It may fail if you make the wrong choices. Planning can be extremely crucial here. The formulation phase comes next when you start putting the plan together and prepare for the next phase; the explosion phase. In this phase, your company takes off. Most companies at the end of the explosion phase will end at a plateau. As entrepreneurs, you will have to be prepared for these phases to come. If you have chosen this path, be prepared for what is to come.

Your Innovative Campaign.

An innovative campaign puts your product or service on the map. This can help your company grow exponentially. Whatever business you are in, there is a next innovative campaign that will grow your business exponentially. If your business does not have a constant innovative campaign, it will have steady linear growth at best.

Leadership development.

Identifying the next leaders in your business is very important. From bringing out fresh perspectives to newer ideas, leadership development solves it for you. Strategizing and planning come into play here as well. You might have to take the top three of who you feel can be great leaders in your company and analyze them carefully. Do a SWOT analysis with different attributes. Identify what these leaders need to do to take the company ahead. Challenge the candidate. As an entrepreneur, you are going to be judged based on the resources and leaders you develop. These leaders may be those responsible to bring further talent into the company. This is crucial for your company’s future so choosing the right leaders is key.

Operating System.

The growth of a company can lead to it going out of business. If it’s growing too slow or if it skyrockets. You might think, “Hey! Is it not good if the business skyrockets?”. Well, it is if you have an operating system that can handle it. Imagine your office can only handle 200 sales a month. Your business takes off, and suddenly you get 2000 sales which overwhelm your office workers. Your workers get fatigued, you get overwhelmed, you end up doing a shabby job, and you lose all your sales causing your whole company to crash faster than you took

Off. Planning an effective operating system allows a strong foundation for your business. This allows you to control the inflow of business, which offers smooth linear growth.

Work on your Network.

In an entrepreneur’s life, relationships are important. The network you create for yourself determines a lot. As an entrepreneur, you meet hundreds if not thousands of people every day! Making good relationships can help you make connections, business deals, collaborations, etc. Planning how you can help somebody and how someone else can help you will help in the long run. You might also find interesting candidates that you can incorporate into your corporation. Funny. Is that why it’s called a corporation?

Jokes apart. If you spend most of your time on linear growth, you can build a strong foundation. If you spend a lot of time in the exponential growth of your company planning innovative campaigns and molding good leaders, it can lead to great exponential growth in business. Small steps can lead to a big jump. Ensure you don’t spend all your time on the foundation as it might cause a lack of innovation. This brings us to the start, prioritize your time and resources in making the decisions that will exponentially take your company to higher levels. Ask yourself which space you are doing a good job in and where you lack. Ask yourself questions. If you put a strategy for your business, it will surely get super exciting. In the end, you will notice you seldom get overwhelmed. You will constantly be prepared for what is to come.

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