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Why Does Creativity Matter?

There are always two types of children in every classroom:

the ones who strictly concentrate on what’s being taught in class;

and then there are the day-dreamers who’d often get lost in their thoughts, and scribble unique shapes, castles, UFOs, etc. on the pages.

And while the former ones are trained to adhere to rules their entire life, the others grow up to become goal-oriented, expressive, open-minded, creative thinkers who aren’t bound by societal norms.

Just imagine — how dull would the earth become if there were no room for creativity?

Unfortunately, our society isn’t very accepting of individuals who express themselves differently by thinking outside the box.

On the flip side, these are the ones who dive deep into the trenches and bring unique solutions to the table, whether it’s when we’re facing minor inefficiencies or even undergoing a global catastrophe.

Why Is Creativity So Important?

It’s quite a common idea that creativity is an artistic trait that encourages freedom of expression. But there’s no reason why a person shouldn’t exercise their creative skills in their day-to-day lives.

Here are 5 less popular ways how being a creative individual benefit you everyday:

1. Enhances problem-solving skills

Every other day, we end up standing face-to-face against unprecedented challenges for the very first time — be it DIY home renovation, preparing a budget, or managing a corporate team.

Studies prove that creativity always encourages out-of-the-box thinking and developing unique solutions to problems. Thinking creatively helps you analyze the underlying issue from a different perspective.

So much so that you become able to identify the root cause that kept you stuck on a loophole and come up with innovative ideas to overcome the inefficiency.

2. Gives you a clearer perspective

People who let their creative juices flow always prevail in any journey they pursue. Just look at how it took Edison to stay focused to invent the light bulb, regardless of 10,000 unsuccessful attempts.

Be it related to your personal and professional milestones, it’s always important to see through the mist and not let yourself bog down by the temporary detours. Creativity allows your brain to see the bigger picture, and meander a while to find newer ways to make things work.

3. Boosts productivity

As per research, creative people are comparably more productive than the ones who always stick by the books. That’s the best part about creativity — you’re always active, buzzing with unique ideas, and staying motivated to outdo your previous accomplishments.

Creativity makes you an open-minded person, always oozing with the positive energy to achieve higher goals, which directly skyrockets your productivity level.

4. Makes you more confident

Don’t you feel your confidence level go through the roof, every time you solve a difficult problem? That’s what creativity is all about — making you more aware of your true potential than you were yesterday.

As per studies, an individual gains more confidence proving themselves they’re capable of solving complex issues without any help, than anything else. For instance, improvisation helps theatre artists gain the confidence to counter unexpected situations right on the spot by thinking creatively.

5. It helps you release stress

Last but not least, a study published by The Scientific American co. has proven that being more creative helps in lowering your stress levels.

As per research, 33% of the total American population is suffering from heightened stress, which gives birth to numerous life-threatening conditions. However, creative people always have mediums to express themselves, which brings inner peace and boosts positivity, both being kryptonite to stress.

Summing It Up

In the end, the sole purpose of life is to gain new experiences, understand what you’re truly capable of, and accomplish targets others have never thought were possible. And when you’re an out-of-the-ordinary thinker who’s always ready to solve problems more creatively, nothing can break your stride.

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