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Why entrepreneurship matters

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

What’s so great about entrepreneurship?

Besides factors like creating your own income, hours, and team, entrepreneurship manifests ideas in a way that not a lot of career paths do. By allowing you to “be your own boss,” entrepreneurship inspires creativity and sustainability in what matters to you.

And why is this important?

Because great ideas drive the future forward. Without the radical vision that entrepreneurship creates and the reckless ambition to fulfill it, the majority of the world’s most lucrative innovations wouldn’t be possible.

Entrepreneurship is the last frontier when it comes to bringing ideas into fruition. It expands opportunities for growth and innovation, and propels curiosity into action.

Let’s touch on a few reasons why entrepreneurship matters.

Economic growth

An obvious benefit of entrepreneurship is job opportunities. With new innovations come new possibilities for economic growth and job creation, spurring the economy and keeping the world moving forward.

Some of the biggest tech empires of today—think SpaceX—were started by entrepreneurs with an audacious goal. Musk brought his ideas to life through continuous ideation and experimentation, and as a result, created a company that charges world-renowned innovation (and really cool rockets).

These globally known corporations like SpaceX started out as merely an idea. That is the power of entrepreneurship. When you manifest your ideas to create good, everyone benefits.


Remember when you were in elementary school and your imagination would run wild with ideas of what you could be, or how to make the world a better place?

When did that end? And why?

Who decided that curiosity and creativity were for children—and not lifelong endeavors?

In entrepreneurship, curiosity isn’t a thing of the past. Rather, it is a daily practice. In this way, entrepreneurship broadens the horizons of what can be possible. It pushes the limits of what if? and constantly questions what can be improved, and how. SpaceX made the impossible possible. How? Through pushing limits and relentless goal-seeking.

Entrepreneurship challenges the evolution of innovation. It is a direct product of creativity and ingenuity, fueled by a curiosity that is consistently exercised.

Entrepreneurship matters because creativity is something that humans were meant to do. If creativity is our natural human response to boredom and free time—why not apply it to solutions that make the world a better place?

Continue questioning, continue creating, and continue being curious. These aren’t frivolities you do in your free time; they are the driving force to building a better future. Keep playing and let your creativity flow, and be in awe of the ideas you bring to life.


With great ideas come great solutions.

Entrepreneurship propels solutions to problems that would otherwise continue affecting the world, on both large and small scales. SpaceX created solutions that no other company or organization had achieved before, and continues to magnify its efforts in audacious ways (bringing people to Mars is one of them).

When you build a life around finding ways to make things faster, easier, and more effective, lasting solutions are the result.

We need entrepreneurship in order to continue finding solutions and creating sustainable change. Entrepreneurship matters not only because it creates jobs and fuels creativity, but because it sparks forward-moving evolution in the best possible way.

Whether you are a young 20-something or wrapping up a 30 year career to strike out on your own great ideas—keep looking for ways to create solutions, and be radical in your pursuit of making them a reality.

Stay curious, stay passionate, find time for creativity and curiosity, and always be on the lookout for opportunities. These are the pillars that drive entrepreneurship, and the things that truly matter in creating any lasting change.

And when you’re ready to join the mission, we’ll be thrilled to have you.

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