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Your dream team awaits.

One mission. One globally cultivated team of experts.

Jared Yellin.png
Jared Yellin

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Schoonmaker.png
Tiffany Schoonmaker

Director of Communications

Katie Vold-Monasmith.jpg
Katie Monasmith

Director of Operations

Tyler Matheny.png
Tyler Matheny

Chief Strategy Officer

Mani Soundararajan

Chief Technology Officer

Stephanie Brown.jpg
Stephanie Brown

Director of Project Management

Andrea Hull.jpg
Andrea Hull

Project Manager

Carla Cooper.jpg
Carla Cooper

Project Manager

Cindy Ochoa.png
Cindy Ochoa

GTM Marketing Manager

Angel Carothers.png
Angel Carothers

GTM Technical Project Manager

Elton Ghosn.png
Elton Ghosn

GTM Executive Assistant

V K Mohammed Nihal.png
V K Mohammed Nihal

Junior Product Manager

Chandan Shankar.png
Chandan Shankar

Junior Product Manager

Jonas Carl Lim


Vidhya Shekar.jpg
Vidhya Shekar


Akash Jain


Neha Nagar.jpg
Neha Nagar


Ashutosh Chandra.jpg
Ashutosh Chandra


Katherine Dionisio.png
Katherine Dionisio

Communications Coordinator

Teza Dela Pena.png
Teza Dela Pena

Content Writer

Alejandro Almario III.png
Alejandro Almario

Research Assistant

Among so many more team members living together as a way of life.

“Anyone can have an idea, but it takes the right team to come TOGETHER and make it happen.”

- Reese

“I believe in Project 10K because it aligns with my values of inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities.”

 - Teza

“It's a group of individuals that's not just working together, but growing together.”

- Cindy

Join us on our mission to impact.

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